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About Us is a newly launched online Bengali Matrimonial Portal committed to matrimonial matchmaking services to all prospective brides and grooms looking for Bengali matrimonial alliance. is an initiative of PRACIPS Consulting Group (PCG).
To state briefly, PCG is a Consultancy Group established to provide consultancy services to all business entities and individuals in fields of social, legal, management, accounting, human resource, training & development and others. This Matrimonial service or this newly launched portal is a part of its social initiative to benefit and support all prospective brides and grooms in finding their suitable match.  Basically we wish to provide online solutions to all our members, since this not only reduces the cost but also increases the value and efficiency. has introduced all protective measures on this Portal to boost the trust and confidence of all members on us.
Our purpose is to help all prospective brides and grooms in finding their suitable match. Thus goes our Tag Line “…find your new life with us…”    Yes, this only can make us proud and fulfill our dreams and expectations for which we have strived and ventured into.
We all know that Bengali culture is considered to be one of the richest cultures in India. Even today, Bengali matrimonial alliance is different from others wherein arranged marriage i.e.  the traditional approach of selecting brides or grooms is still continued and is liked and preferred by the present generation too.  Not only parents, we even find grandparents striving hard to select the right match for their grandchildren. Keeping this is mind we have made this Portal user friendly to enable even grandparents too to browse and find the suitable match for their loved ones, taking into account number of criteria varying from community, caste, astrology, horoscope amongst others. What’s next?
Marriage is a long lasting commitment from both sides. Thus, even if the above acceptance criteria are met the ultimate success depends upon mutual understanding of both partners and meeting up of their minds. In other words, what is required for a successful matrimonial relationship is the compatibility match to strengthen the marriage and family. Thus, before tying the knot, one needs to know each other from various perspectives. provides a platform wherein your language, attitude and expression at the beginning, as exchanged through our Portal may finally help you out in selecting and finding the perfect match by availing all our features to the fullest extent.
There is a well-known saying, “Love is patient, Love is kind. Be conscious always to speak truth in Love.”  Thus while updating your profile details you may wish to keep some aspects confidential, that’s fine. But, whatever is disclosed should be factual. functions with latest features, technology, communication and services that effectively convey information between the prospects to achieve the desired goal.  Our Portal provides all basic features to help one to understand each other and their families in a much better way thus helping to build an everlasting relationship based on true love and understanding for perpetual happiness. strives to make the browsing experience more convenient, comfortable and affordable to all its users.  
We are confident that our user friendly portal and cooperative approach to help or support you on any browsing related issues shall definitely attract more and more prospective brides and grooms to
The Portal provides a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.
We look for continuous improvement and adding new friendly and attractive features in our Portal to help all members serve better. is also a trustworthy Bengali Matrimonial Site. We have no registration fees. Thus registering your profile details and particulars are totally free. Not only this, once registered you can continue to avail some of the features, but for complete benefit you need to go for Paid Memberships. Being introductory offer we are not charging any membership fees for a period of one month thus enabling you to avail and enjoy even some of the Paid Membership features free of cost. Once the Membership Plans are launched and made effective you need to opt for the same to continue to avail the complete benefit or else your Membership, by default, shall be considered as Free Member only.
Our greatest Endeavor is to fulfill the needs of singles in search of their prospective match.
Our Aim is to help you out to find your new life and make not only your dreams but also ours to come true.
Our Vision or Goal is to become the most well-liked online matrimonial service provider for the Bengali community. is simple and user friendly which you all should admire.
So register yourself now at and receive responses.